Bronze package


I C E   P R A C T I S E

- Ice Practice

- One session 45 minutes

- Stand Up stance

- Butterfly

- Lateral movements

- Skating skills

- Moves up and down

- Proper positioning

- Basic rebounds

- Game related moves

Silver package


includes bronze package 


O F F   I C E   W A R M - U P 

Body mobility, flexibility and balance. Leg mobility, flexibility and coordinative skills.


L I F E   K I N E T I K   P R O G R A M M 

Improves creativity, concentration and multitasking capability. Quick transition between moves without stall. Eyes follow situation (vertical, horizontal and diagonal). Eyes focussing (assessment and evaluation of distance and speed).


Gold package


includes silver package


O N   I C E  I-P A D    E V A L U A T I O N 

Practice monitoring and evaluation via I-Pad. Especially developed practice App´s used by NHL teams. Technical deficiencies can be detected and corrected. Instant on Ice feedback.


M E N T A L    S T R E N G T H 

An athlete´s perfomance incorporates many individual important fractions. Technical level, tactical behavior, physical fitness and mental strength. Game day state, influenced for instance by quality of sleep, nutrition, coping with emotions like performance anxiety, spectators and the opponent. Each and every little aspect will influence  the capability of performance and varies individually. It´s always a new game from situation to situation and from goalie to goalie. 

My aim is to help you to improve your mental strength.


P O S T   P R A C T I C E   A N A L Y S I S   v i a   B E A M E R 

After practice is time for an intensive conversation and your questions. The analysis is to deepen and confirm what you have learned.


Before any session you will receive a questionnaire to get me an idea on what you think could be improved at your performance so I will be able to optimize the course of pratctise.




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