It was in 1994 when I first met Dave Prior, Goaltending Coach of the Washington Capitals in the NHL. He coached and supported me throughout my entire career.

His comprehensive knowledge and experience, his unmatched approach were unique and enormously helpful. His priorities were to improve, not to change.


It will be my credo too while working with young goaltenders or experienced ones.


Let´s get started.

InHouse Goalie Coach

The goaltenders plays the essential position where often win or loss is decided. Therefore i believe that the goaltenders deserve special attention for off-ice and on-ice practice.


InHouse coaching brings the following advantages for you:


- Mental stabilization

- Practice in familiar surroundings

- Individual strength / weakness


- Individual or group practice possible

- Innovative practice / analysis  


- Optimizing your performance level

- Flexible adaption for required level of


- Time - flexible disposability


Especially during a long season, a goaltender needs and deserves special attention and support. For various reasons, this support is often neglected or even not available at all for some goaltenders.


My philosophy is based on my experince I have acquired as a goaltender in my 13 years of pro sports and the knowledge of how important continuous professional practice and support for a goaltender can be.




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